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 To blacksmith specialist armor selection

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PostSubject: To blacksmith specialist armor selection   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:33 pm

what are the best parts to select between knight parts with bone parts

i need all the different parts to be good against PvsP

lol not cells
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PostSubject: Re: To blacksmith specialist armor selection   Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:17 am

Im not the BlackSmith specialist but i have more experience playing the game than the others so ill give you my opionion

Post your build and current armor up afterwards and ill make any changes

The Helms both suck rlly since neither of them give speed i guess bone would be better but id reccomend sticking with whatever helmet you have until runet

Bone Hammer for sure and the axe really doesnt make a difference they give the same stats

The armor depends on whether or not you have any points in Movespeed. if you have a good ammount you can afford the loss of move from the knight armor but if you dont id go with the bone chest stuff

Id go with the bone gauntlets, and for the shoulders id say knight unless you go for golem a lot, but if you have bone its really not worth purchasing the knight instead and make sure you switch to runet shoulders at lvl 40 since runet shoulders and helm is 6 lvls lower than the rest of the gear
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To blacksmith specialist armor selection
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